Mindfulness Meditation’s Amazing Benefits on Focus


Mindfulness is a concept which originates in Tibetan Buddhism and is commonly seen as a way to develop the ability to enjoy life in the ‘here and now.’ Mindfulness places a important focus on living life moment by moment, and to finding an approach to life which allows for the most enlightened daily feeling possible. Through Mindfulness, we begin to enjoy our relationships, our jobs, and our free time all that much more, without placing a significant amount of energy on what will be coming next in our lives. Mindfulness in practice can also allow us to focus on tasks, and simply on living, that much more.

It is important to note that Mindfulness as a practice is not intended to take any thought away from the future, as with Mindfulness comes responsibility of action, however, mindfulness is meant to improve our focus on current work, and happenings, so we can more easily adapt ourselves to the moment without so much future anxiety. Through Mindfulness meditation, which can be practiced in multiple ways, we begin to adapt ourselves, and our minds, to containing our thoughts to the work, or play, at hand, which allows us to experience each part of our lives in the most focused way possible. Through Mindfulness we begin to see our lives for what they are, moment by moment, which not only allows us to live them to the fullest, but to plan for the future as well.

Though many consider meditation a quite activity, which involves sitting still for long periods of time, which may be hard or impossible for those who need it most, this stagnant form of the practice isn’t all that is available for those wishing to learn. Aikido, Kung-fu, and Yoga all make use of what is known as movement meditation for the purpose of learning mindfulness to be employed in the practice of the art. However, if sitting quietly is your thing, a simple ten to fifteen minute session of breathing in and out to the count of four, while deeply focusing on each individual number can begin to retrain your brain for Mindful living.

Regardless of the form in which you choose to practice mindfulness meditation, the effects of the procedure on focus have been well documented. Martial artists practice mindfulness meditation to allow them to better focus on performing each individual move to their upmost, while Buddhist monks, and followers of Buddhism, and many other enlightening paths may use mindfulness meditation to better connect with zen states of mind. Both of these uses include a common factor, which is the development of focus. Through Mindfulness Meditation, the brain is specifically retrained to focus on the here and now, and weed out anxieties caused by constantly thinking of an uncontrollable future.