Amphetamines: What You Need to Know


We would like to share this infographic from The Recovery Village on the history of amphetamines in our country.

As you can see above, amphetamines have had an interesting history in the United States–from being a weight loss tool to the creation of the extremely harmful methamphetamines. Now, amphetamines do have a positive use in the treatment of ADHD in medications such as Adderall and Vyvanse. While these medications do have positive and healthy uses, they also have a high potential for abuse.

These medications stimulate areas of the brain. On patients that have ADD or ADHD, the areas of the brain that are not functioning properly will be stimulated so that the person is able to focus. Without ADD or ADHD, however, the stimulation of the brain causes energy or hyperactivity. For this reason, Adderall has become a popular medication for college students to abuse. It’s also easy for individuals with substance abuse tendencies to abuse the medication even if they are prescribed it for legitimate attention issues.

If you or someone you love is abusing medications like these, the effect can be similar to a meth addiction. It’s essential that you get help and seek treatment for your addiction. It also may be necessary for you to realize that just because a drug is legal and comes with a prescription does not mean that it cannot be dangerous or addictive.